New Cover Series #4: The Batman Rides (the Batsub) Again

Batman with his Great Toys. The Batsub and some Batwings.

Yes, I win. I have all the best toys.

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When I was a young little fry (very young), I loved Batman best. Superman was vaguely okay, but Batman rocked. It says a great deal for Batman that he was cooler to me than a superpowered alien. My good friend and brilliant Batman painter Scott Hampton once said, “Batman is the best superhero. Period.” And while I’m sticking with Wonder Woman on that score, I understand Scott’s thinking.

One of my favorite Batman stories when I was a kid involved the Batsubmarine! It was probably a Dick Sprang story; those are true masterpieces of entertainment for kids. Anyway, this image started out in my mind as drapery, imagining how Batman’s cape would hang if it fell into the water. The rest of it grew from there.

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