Why authors should adapt their novels into graphic novels
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Not all novels or films or video games are right for adaptation into the comics format, but most are. If you’re not sure, consult an expert for their opinion. The consultant can also help you get a feel for realistic costs, time frames, even page counts. Feel free to email me if I can help. For those of you not sure “why” a graphic novel is a good idea, see the end of the article. Some types of books that adapt well? Almost any book with a fantasy or science fiction themes; magic realism, mysteries with visual puzzles; steamy novels with visual “spice,” celebrity bios, technothrillers, books with exotic locales, almost anything! Finding new fans – the lifeblood of any authors career – is very hard! Making a graphic novel is an exciting way to reach a whole new community of readers. HERE ARE JUST A FEW REASONS TO MAKE A GRAPHIC NOVEL FROM YOUR NOVEL OR EXISTING PROJECT: GET NEW AND UNIQUE READERS, often “SUPERFANS”: Expand your Audience/Reader/Fan base into the visual reader demographic. In my experience, comic book fans truly rule the fan universe. They are the finest fans any author could wish for. The “comic book guy” […] Read more!
Viscera Blog Review from “The Gal in the Blue Mask”
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Viscera has a new review from “The Gal in the Blue Mask” blog. It’s a very kind review, and deeply appreciated. With an extremely polarizing book like Viscera, it was amazing of the reviewer to take time to understand the book and to appreciate the anti-rape culture theme. Many people have reported that the book is not an easy read – nor should it be, considering the gravity of the theme – so I am even more indebted to anyone who reads and champions the book. The author has put some hard work and love into her blog, and I wish her continued success! I recommend everyone follow her work… I know I will! Click here to read the review! Read more!
“Dear Viscera,” an agony column worth complaining about, is coming soon!
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Although it may be the most ill-advised advice column in history, “Dear Viscera” is forthcoming to a pixel near you. Having absolutely no degree in counseling, ethics, psychology, or whatsoever, and indeed, lacking a physical existence entirely, Viscera’s qualifications to dispense advice are clearly beyond question. In preparing to hide behind her miniskirt, the author hereby disclaims in advance any remarks make by Herself in said articles. All readers are advised to submit any questions of a personal or impersonal nature to our hostess, although it may be fairly said that Viscera may make up questions entirely on her own recognizance if she so desires. Telling her “no” has often availed her humble creator little (i.e., nothing) in the way of acquiescence (and often far to the contrary). Although this may give new meaning to the phrase “bully pulpit,” please stay tuned for the imminent disaster triumph. Read more!
Viscera’s Website is Launched!
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At long last, after starting work on this thing in 1993, “Nathan Massengill’s Viscera” is live and available for sale (at least, digitally). The website is RingRunning.com. The book and sketchbook can also be read for free there. Please note that it’s a pretty radical departure from my previous work and it does contain “mature themes”, for lack of a better descriptor. Please feel free to sign up there and join the community! Read more!
New Cover Series #4: The Batman Rides (the Batsub) Again
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Click Here for the Large Image When I was a young little fry (very young), I loved Batman best. Superman was vaguely okay, but Batman rocked. It says a great deal for Batman that he was cooler to me than a superpowered alien. My good friend and brilliant Batman painter Scott Hampton once said, “Batman is the best superhero. Period.” And while I’m sticking with Wonder Woman on that score, I understand Scott’s thinking. One of my favorite Batman stories when I was a kid involved the Batsubmarine! It was probably a Dick Sprang story; those are true masterpieces of entertainment for kids. Anyway, this image started out in my mind as drapery, imagining how Batman’s cape would hang if it fell into the water. The rest of it grew from there. Read more!
New Cover Series #3: Harley and Ivy Get Sticky
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Click Here for Large Image Anyone that knows Harley Quinn and her best girlfriend Poison Ivy knows trouble. Actually, just knowing Harley by herself is enough trouble for most sentient beings. Perhaps this was not the best time for her to test Mistah J’s new glue gun. Oh, well, another day, another escape attempt. Seriously, though, have villains ever been more fun? When these two when they team up, no others even come close. This piece of artwork took FOR-EVAH! Read more!
New Cover Series #2: Deadpool’s Trip to Paradise (Island!)
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Click Here For Large Image Other than Batman, the character I’ve probably worked on more than any other is Deadpool. Deadpool has grown on me (like a virulent foot fungus) and now he is one of my favorite characters. Since he can teleport anywhere, I ask myself, where might he go? To an island full of beautiful Amazonian women? Well, duh! This led me to another question: Would Wonder Woman even like Deadpool? Some people say she really has no sense of humor, you know. Personally, I think she would and she does! When I asked, Deadpool referred to this expedition as “definitely not my worst day.” Read more!
New Cover Series #1: Wonder Woman vs. Supergirl
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See The Large Image Here Here’s the first NAM 2.0 piece. It’s a new direction with some old themes. Of course, anyone who knows me knows that Moulton and Peters’ immortal heroine is my favorite superhero. That’s Wonder Woman, of course. It also occurred to me that I had really never seen a battle between WW and Supergirl (also a very cool DC superheroine)…I’m sure there’s been one…I’ve just never seen it! So I drew it. That’s what this cover series is going to be about: Asking myself, “So self, what do you want to see?”   Read more!